Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Finally! Recording is easy like when I had an analog 4-track.

I just bought a PreSonus Firebox. It's a little interface that feels pretty solid and does what it's supposed to do.

I haven’t had good luck with recording equipment in the past few years. My Fostex MR16 glitched out four months after I got it from musicians friend, Andrea’s interface (Tascam US-122) glitched out as well, a few years after she got it. I fought with both units for a while hoping to work through the glitches and finally caved a week ago. The Firebox works. Yay! I’m using the garageband that came with my mac 4 or 5 years ago. I’m recording the acoustic in the den near the snail bowl and I think I’ll do the vocals in the hallway.

Some of the basic tracks I recorded out in Petrolia came out good and will probably make the cut. A bunch of great artists have already agreed to work on this project. I’m so psyched.

I’ve been working on the first track for the past week. Most of the material on this release is new but the first track is two years old. This morning it gelled. My arm muscles are actually slightly sore. It can really be a challenge playing some things exactly the way I want them. I think this one will happen by Sunday.

We changed Amaryllis' name to Neil because she's like Neil from 'The Young Ones'. See?

This guy is in his mid to late teens or something and he makes great pop music.

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