Thursday, August 19, 2010

Absynth Quintet

Earlier this year I was asked to play bass for an americana-fusion band out of Humboldt called Absynth Quintet. I had seen them play a few times before and they were incredibly good and the mandolin player is a friend of a friend so naturally I considered it. Within a few months I learned most of Rudy Luera's bass lines and in June we zipped down to SF for my first show with them at the Freight and Salvage. After a few more shows here in Humboldt, some time to put my own influences into the tunes and a crack at some new material I can say with excitement that I now feel like I'm part of the AQ.

We are headed to Mt. Shasta, Eugene, Portland and Bend this week so if you're in the area, do check out the website for tour dates and come to the show! I'll probably hug you and buy you a beer. Here's a shot from the KEET TV recording sessions on PBS. Thanks to KHUM and KEET for putting it together! It should air sometime late this year.

Photo by Bob Doran

Ian isn't in that picture but here is his hand and an electric banjo that he made.

Photo by Bob Doran

All I want to do

Some great work has been done for the next release and lately, all I want to do is immerse myself in it. Should be out in a few months. A free download of one of the finished tracks from the new release is available along with many other great tracks by DIY musicians on a compilation called Daydream Generation No9.

Click here to download the free track from my next release.