Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

This was Andrea's idea.  I quit my job three months ago and my last day was Friday.  I was a coordinator/ supervisor for an independent living program for five years.  It came with lots of responsibility, a sense of purpose and belonging, a nice paycheck and benefits.  I needed to pursue my music career so I let it go.  Anyhow, Andrea came up with this great idea.  I certainly didn't have time to prepare anything!

This guy (Matthew was his name) was awesome.  Jumped right in there, we didn't know him, he was just willing and cool.

Isn't she pretty...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Andrea rescued a Red Eared Slider from a local school.  It had been in a small fish tank with no basking lamp or place to dry off for two years.  We hooked it up with a nice habitat and I stared at it a lot for two weeks.  It’s alarming when she devours helpless goldfish.  The set up looks like it was easy to create but it was tricky.  She's actually too big for THIS tank but she's a lot happier.

By the time I was done obsessing over T-Rex, Dean Haakenson and his band visited for a few days.  This is Dean with his band, Be Brave Bold Robot.  Just kidding, that's Dean and a mural.

They just keep getting better.  Carly, Katie, Tommy and Tony are real people.  They're probably not part of a mural anywhere and they're fun to hang out with at breakfast.

Here's a fun game that you've probably played before: everyone writes down a well known name on a small piece of paper and hands it to someone else.  Everyone sticks their piece of paper, which they haven't looked at, on their forehead.  Everyone randomly asks yes or no questions and attempts to figure out what is written on their head before the food gets to the table.  I forgot to mention, you play this while waiting for your breakfast at a restaurant.  It isn't essential to the game but it passes the time nicely.